• A solid wood engineered building product manufactured to ASTM D5456 standards, looking like & interchangeable with conventional wood products.


  • Structural products made of Black Spruce (Picea Mariana) using #1&2 and /or MSR 1650 for Grade 1.6E, MSR 1650 for Grade 1.7E, MSR 2100 for Grade 1.9E & MSR 2400 for Grade 2.1E.


  • Assembled with double tongue & groove edge laminations, then finger jointed end to end with 1-1/8” structural feathered joints.




  • Targeted moisture content: 12% to 14% (lower % available for drier regions).


  • Dimensions: any length from 5’-8” to 32’ 1” (trimmed within 1/16”) and depths 2½” to 16” (in 1/16” increments). Thickness: 1-7/16” to 1½” (1¼” to 1½” for RimBoard).




Can be substituted for: MSR/ MEL & LSL (using 1.6E & 1.7E LFL), or LVL (using 1.9E and 2.1E LFL) and other structural composite lumber products.

  • Lighter than other comparable solid engineered wood products.


  • Dimensional stability, no cupping, twisting, cracking (when used and stored properly).


  • Longer spans than other MSR/ MEL or composite products.


  • Less vibration than I-joists floor systems.


  • No special tools or fasteners required and can be used in plated roof trusses same as conventional MSR/ MEL.


  • Can accept holes cut or drilled in the 1/3 center of the width as per Codes. Can be notched and toe nailed using criteria for solid sawn lumber per NDS, otherwise as specified by a registered professional engineer using design criteria for solid sawn lumber.


  • 4 wane free edges (small amount of wane in middle area on one side of piece at the tongue & groove joints which does not change structural properties).


  • Best option to reduce waste at your job site or factory.


  • LAMCO LFL® can be ripped down to your desired depth (2-1/2” minimum) without compromising any structural values.


  • LAMCO LFL® can be easily nailed up to 3-ply and bolted up to 5 ply without any additional engineering. Just refer to the standard TER 1211-01 and 1401-01 and using engineering calculation. (TER Reference 1211-01 and 1401-01 , page 6 , section )


  • The requirement of the National Building Code of Canada (CNB 2010) , the International Building Code ( IBC ) and International Residential Code (IRC) - Unlike I-Joists and floor trusses, LAMCO LFL® solid engineered wood joists do not require sheetrock ceilings in basements as a fire guard or sprinkler systems for the fire protection.





  1. TER 1211-01 by DrJ Engineering LLC for Bluelinx USA and Canada  (Grades 1.6E, 1.7E, 1.9E and 2.1E)

    TER 1211-01 par SBCRI / Qualtim

  2. TER 1401-01 by DrJ Engineering LLC for USA and Canada (Grades 1.6E, 1.7E, 1.9E and 2.1E)

    TER 1211-01 par SBCRI / Qualtim
  3. ICC-ESR 2982 by International Code Council for USA (Grades 1.6E, 1.7E, 1.9E and 2.1E)
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  4. ICC-ESR 2982 by International Code Council for Canada (Grades 1.6E, 1.7E, 1.9E and 2.1E)
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  5. BCAR 1278 by PFS Corporation for USA and Canada (Grade 1.6E)
    BCAR 1278 / PFS
  6. BCAR 1278-1 by PFS Corporation for USA and Canada (Grades 1.6E, 1.7E, 1.9E and 2.1E)
    BCAR 1278-1 / PFS
  7. CERTIFICATION HRA  Heat Resistant Adhesive
    Hexion Purbond Fingerjoint Purbond Panneling
    BCAR 1278-1 / PFS BCAR 1278-1 / PFS BCAR 1278-1 / PFS






7. MSDS Sheet for LAMCO products

       BCAR 1278-1 / PFS




  1. 2006, 2009 and 2012 International Building Code® (IBC)

  2. 2006, 2009 and 2012 International Residential Code® (IRC)

  3. 2005 and 2010 National Building Code of Canada (NBC)

  4. ASTM D5456 Standard Specification for Evaluation of Structural Composite Lumber Products

  5. ASTM D5764 Standard Test Method for Evaluating Dowel-Bearing Strength of Wood and Wood-Based Products

  6. Engineering Design in Wood (CAN/CSA 086-09)

  7. 2012 National Design Standard for Wood Construction (NDS)

  8. ASTM D7374 Evaluating Elevated Temperature Performance of Adhesives Used in End-Jointed Lumber

Availlable in the following softwares: MITEK, ITW ALPINE, iStruct®, RISA® et RISA 3D®, Woodworks® et BlueLinx’s Doma Studio® and Simpson Strong-Tie.






  • Solid engineered wood product manufactured from Jack Pine (Pinus Banksiana).
  • Edge laminated with double tongue & groove and end to end finger jointed with 7/8” structural finger joints.
  • GLUE: Polyurethan. Meets ASTM D5751-99-2005, ASTM D5572-95-2005 and ASTM D4317-98 for wet use and Type 1 applications. Accepted in LEED projects. Represents 1% or less of finished product volume.
  • Targeted moisture content is 6% to 8% in LAMFLOOR®.
  • All products are 1¼” thick and 10 ½” wide, in lengths of 12’, 16’ or 24’ for LAMFLOOR®.




  • Structural Strength: Joist or purlin spacing to 48”o.c. for residential & 32”o.c. for commercial.
  • Saves Time, Labor, Materials & Money by doing 3 steps in 1. For mezzanines /lofts: replaces subflooring, flooring and ceiling finishes


LAMCO LFL® bundles must be stored sheltered from weather and in a dry location; indoor if possible. When handling individual pieces, be sure to handle on-edge and not on flat. LAMCO products are bundle wrapped top, sides & ends for transport and tempory storage outdoors. If original bundle wrap is damaged, repair it with a suitable tape. Wrap must remain on the bundle until end use. If opened, rewrap the bundle using original wrapper protecting ends and side bundle, replace if necessary. Do not damage bundles or product with forklifts or cranes.

When using a crane:
- Store wrapped bundle(s) on perpendicular blocking elevated at least 3 inches above
- Never use unprotected steel cables as these will damage product.
  the ground and not in contact with any possible melting snow or standing water.
- Bundle must be intact (strapped) and secure before lifting.
- Keep the bundle oriented as delivered by the supplier.
- Position the certified slings at 1/4 point from each end of bundle using a spreader bar if necessary.

Ensure blocking is level and spaced at 6' intervals to prevent deformation of the product. When stacking bundles, be sure to align blocking vertically with the one below. Do not stack more than 5 bundles high for safety.

LAMFLOOR® must be stored indoors or in covered areas, must be kept off the ground & with plastic wrap sealed until ready to install. Once bundles are open, cover the unused pieces with the balance of the wrap.

LAMFLOOR® must be stored indoor & installer/customer must wait 72 hours after delivery on site before installing, allowing for the product to be conditioned to the room temperature and moisture.


1. Storage and handling procedures

      BCAR 1278-1 / PFS




Lamco Forest Products warrants that its LAMCO LFL®LAMFLOOR® are free of manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials. In addition, provided the product is correctly stored, installed and used, the company warrants the structural integrity for the normal expected life of the structure.


1. Warranty certificate

      BCAR 1278-1 / PFS

2. Manufacturer's warranty

      BCAR 1278-1 / PFS


spreader bar if necessary
Phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde or polyurethan