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Lamco LFL® replacing LVL helps contractor sell the job!

"LAMCO LFL SOLD THE JOB!” Picture & Testimonial provided by Sam Yoder & Son, Delaware. "A contractor came to us with plans. Originally, due to the long spans, he had planned to use LAMCO LFL® for rafters. The more we looked at the plan, the more we realized that we could truss this project using LAM





THINKNESS: LAMCO LFL® match well with 1½'' conventional lumber.

LENGHT:  For long truss chords & large Tall Walls, our maximum 32’ length products are integrated seamlessly into any factory environment, minimizing cutting & joints. For sizeable orders, LAMCO can precision trim your order & LAMCO LFL® can be installed directly without any cutting needed, saving on labor and time.

DENSITY: The Black Spruce in LAMCO LFL® is ideal for truss & wall panel production. Your truss chords & wall studs are installed without any special details or additional air or hydraulic pressure requirements, even with our LAMCO LFL® 2.1E.

STRENGHT: LAMCO LFL® comes in 4 grades with 1.6E & 1.7E replacing mostly MSR & LSL and 1.9E & 2.1E replacing mostly LVL.

STABILITY: LAMCO LFL® has been dried longer than standard truss & stud grades. Our unique composition prevents issues like “cupping”, “swelling” or no. 1&2 MSR/MEL “cracking or checking”.

DEPTH MATCH: Use LAMCO LFL® bottom chord in exact conventional lumber or I-Joist depths in your attic trusses to eliminate any stacking or on-site adjustments. Custom depths up to 16" are available for sizeable orders too.

ELITMINATE THE FLOOR TRUSS: You can get rid of that expensive 16” deep floor truss in the bottom chord of your bonus room trusses. With lengths up to 32’, you can run one continuous piece. Keep 20’ and 24’ lengths in-stock & take them right to the truss jig when needed!

BEST CHOICE FOR TALL WALLS: You can save by replacing LSL in site built tall walls or in wall panel manufacturing. Reduce wood volume by spacing LAMCO LFL® TALL STUDS up to 24” & save up to 60% in panel assembly time.

SOFTWARE: Available in the best design software: MITEK, ITW ALPINE, iStruct, RISA and RISA 3D, Woodworks and BlueLinx’s Doma StudioTM and Simpson Strong-Tie.

Plus, its better than other EWP Visual Appearencegives your clients the confidence they seek in a strong structural finished truss.


Mitek ITW Alapine



Woodwork Woodwook 2 Bluelinx Strong-tie