Solid Engineered Wood


Superior Quality :

  • Straight, Dimensionally Stable, Defected of fiber deviation, compression, holes and spike knots
  • 100% usable with wane-free edges
  • Optimized with World Class Green technology


Incredibly Strong Physical Properties:

  • Dense Black Spruce properties
  • Unique double tongue & groove edge joints and structural finger joints
  • Machine tested values
  • Each piece flexurally tested
  • Available in 1.6E, 1.7E, 1.9E, & 2.1E


GREEN INGENUITY: Making big boards from little trees

  • Our unique process transforms small, dense and slow growing northern Quebec black spruce into long and strong SOLID ENGINEERED WOOD PRODUCTS.
  • We start with short 2×4, 2x5 & 2×6 and make boards up to 16” depth & 32’-1” lengths


Versatile for all purposes

  • Wall studs
  • Roof Rafters
  • Floor & Ceiling
  • Joists and Rimboard
  • Truss chord


One of the greenest building products available

See : Lamco Process / Quality Control / Sustainability

Lamco Process / Quality Control / Sustainability