Lamco LFL® replacing LVL helps contractor sell the job!


Picture & Testimonial provided by Sam Yoder & Son, Delaware.

"A contractor came to us with plans. Originally, due to the long spans, he had planned to use LAMCO LFL® for rafters. The more we looked at the plan, the more we realized that we could truss this project using LAMCO LFL® in the bottom cord of the truss and accomplish what the customer wanted. The plan called for a 32 ft. room, which cannot be designed using dimensional lumber. It was also cost prohibitive to use L.V.L material. LAMCO LFL sold the job, and the contractor is very pleased. He also ended up using LAMCO LFL® for the headers on all the porches, which again, was more cost effective than using L.V.L. for the beams. The contractor is sold on the product, and has already ordered it for headers on another job that is starting next week!"